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Four children with arms around each other's shouldersPediatric Chiropractic At
Fairlawn Family Chiropractic

Birth is the first trauma your child experiences, and if interventions are necessary, there will certainly be some issues which need correction. Many children don’t show any negative effects; assessment by a chiropractor is extremely important. By checking your child as early as possible, corrections may be made to prevent problems from becoming permanent.

At our office, we see children of all ages, from days-old-newborns to toddlers up to teens. Chiropractic helps ensure proper neurologic development and those critical motor skills; it helps keep the immune system healthy and much more. We love helping children enjoy optimal health!

The Power of Preventative Care

Including chiropractic as part of your child’s health care regimen, beginning in childhood, may help your child’s body function at its peak. This method of natural care allows them to be as close to their full potential as possible.

Regular adjustments as the child matures keep their spine healthy, allowing them to grow and thrive. Even with the bumps and falls of childhood, we keep their development on track, so they hit every milestone.

Providing Gentle Adjustments

It’s understandable for parents who’ve never taken their child to see a chiropractor before to wonder how their little one will be adjusted. There’s a big difference in the way we adjust babies and children compared to adults.

Children’s spines are still flexible as they develop, which makes adjustments easier. We don’t adjust the same way as an adult, using about the same amount of pressure for infants as used to test a tomato for ripeness.

There’s never any twisting, cracking, or popping involved. Sustained contact is effective in many instances with toddlers and young children.
Conditions That May Benefit

Children often have issues with things like:

  • Ear infections
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Latch issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Immune system
  • Sleep issues
  • Torticollis
  • Asthma/allergies
  • Sensory development problems
  • And more

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