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About Fairlawn Family Chiropractic

A woman holding a paper cutout of a family in her hands.Fairlawn Chiropractors Dr. Corey Burmbaugh and his wife, Dr. Chelsea Warnecke, wanted to open a practice near their home, and away from big-city life in Akron. The suburb of Fairlawn fit the bill perfectly, so they opened their practice here in 2016 and have been serving their community ever since.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide realistic care to our patients. If we are their best option, we’ll tell them what to expect and how long it will take to see results. If we’re not, then our job is to find someone who can help you with whatever you’ve got going on. We believe in being an advocate for our patients.

A Hands-on ApproachDr Warnecke adjusting a patient

Providing quality chiropractic care that meets the needs of our patients is important. We offer many services and therapies to help us create the best care plan to address your problem areas. Restoring function, reducing pain, and helping you achieve your health goals is what we do. Our patients know that ongoing maintenance care helps them reach, and stay at, an optimal level of health and wellness.

We Respect You

We respect our patients’ time, money, and goals. We won’t try to sell you on a long-drawn-out care plan, or advocate you buy any high-priced supplements to get better. That’s not good for us or the patient, because sooner or later, they’ll have enough and turn away from our practice, and maybe even chiropractic care in general.

Getting Results Fast

A recent patient came to us after 12 visits with another chiropractor. They kept trying to sell him on more visits, more services, more supplements. They didn’t accept his insurance, so everything was out of pocket. After spending $2,000, and no results, he was done.

Dr. Corey reassessed the situation to get to the root of what’s going on. Three visits later, at significantly less cost, the patient was functioning at basically 100%. Your goal is our goal, and we are always as transparent as possible with care recommendations and cost.

Take The Next Step

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