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New Patients at Fairlawn Family Chiropractic

When you walk through the door at Fairlawn Family Chiropractic, you’ll feel welcome right away! Our friendly staff will greet you by name and do all they can to make sure you’re comfortable. We won’t keep you waiting long as we know your time is valuable.

Please complete our intake forms before your visit, if possible, and wear comfortable clothing to the office. We ask that you allow 60 minutes for this visit.

Patients sitting in a waiting room

The First Visit

After a staff member ensures all paperwork is completed, you’ll be brought to an exam room. The doctor evaluates your paperwork before meeting you to get an idea of what to expect.

Once in the room, they’ll take a detailed medical history. Next is a comprehensive physical examination and testing. X-rays, if determined necessary, will also be taken at this time.

By this time, your doctor will have determined a diagnosis based on your results. They’ll sit and discuss the findings with you, making sure you understand what’s going on in your body. You’ll go over what to expect from visit to visit, how long it will take to heal, and what the ultimate result will look like.

Once you’re comfortable with the explanation, the decision to proceed with care is up to you.

When You Return

On the next visit, our doctor will ask how you felt after treatment. Were you sore, in more or less pain, or have any other complaints? They’ll compare the progress made to what was expected.

If it doesn’t match up for whatever reason, we want to address it as soon as possible. Being adaptable is key to sustaining improvement and reducing pain.

Financial Responsibility

Our office manager will discuss your financial responsibility before you meet with the
doctor to ensure there are no surprises. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to booking your visit.

We are an in-network provider, and Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance assignments are accepted. Major credit cards, HSA plans, CareCredit®, and ChiroHealth USA are also accepted.

Ready to Book?

We would love to welcome you to our family! Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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