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Fairlawn Family Chiropractic
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How We Help You

At Fairlawn Family Chiropractic, we believe in supporting the whole family with our chiropractic services. Our doctors help expecting mothers, fathers with back pain, and even young children. When you come visit us, you'll enjoy a personalized treatment plan that takes your health into account.

Fairlawn Family Chiropractic believes in providing the most value for your treatments. Other chiropractors may suggest an extended treatment plan of 12 or more visits, but we believe in a more client-focused, feedback-driven approach. After each visit, we’ll evaluate your progress and decide how to move forward. This approach saves you money and time while providing the relief you want.

Chiropractic Techniques

Pregnancy Chiropractic


Aches and pains are common problems during pregnancy. When your back is aching or your hips are strained, you may find relief with chiropractic care. Our pregnancy chiropractic services are built to relieve spinal nerve stress and promote wellness. Don’t worry about your baby—our pregnancy chiropractic techniques are perfectly safe for both mother and child!

Pediatric Chiropractic


Keeping kids healthy through pediatric chiropractic is one of our specialties! Promoting your child’s wellness at a young age can lead to numerous health benefits down the road. We’ll assess their health and make adjustments for proper spinal wellness. Then, bring your child back for routine chiropractic care that keeps them flexible and limber as they grow older. Our doctors make the chiropractic experience fun for your children!

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage/Myofascial Release


Dr. Brumbaugh often performs deep tissue massage before any spine manipulation. During these procedures, we’ll apply pressure to specific parts of your body to heal and relax before a chiropractic adjustment.

Diversified Technique


This technique focuses on correcting your spinal vertebrae and increasing your range of motion. Before we get started with any chiropractic work, we’ll analyze your spine through X-rays and your past medical history. Then we’ll identify any spinal bones that are mispositioned and apply a specific manual thrust to "pop" them back into place.

Extremity Adjusting


Almost any joint in your body can suffer from impaired function and a lower range of motion. That includes the wrist, jaw, shoulder, elbow, and more. Our chiropractors can align your joints through extremity adjusting. We strive to restore your flexibility, reduce pain, and relax your muscles. 

Cox Flexion-Distraction


The Cox Flexion-Distraction is a technique that readjusts your spinal joints in a gentle, non-thrusting approach. The patient will lie down on a special table during the procedure while our chiropractors will gently encourage each spinal joint to pull apart. Then we'll readjust each joint for the best fit. By drawing the joints apart, we’re putting less pressure on them and on your compressed spinal discs.

Thompson Technique


This patented technique is a way of correcting the client’s entire spine through precise, accurate thrusts. We’ll use a unique drop table that supports each area of your spine. The table’s drop pieces will fall away as you lie down, making it easier for our doctors to make precise adjustments to the spine.

Activator Methods®


One of the most popular chiropractic techniques, the Activator Method® involves using an Activator Methods Adjusting Instrument to apply force to the body. This Instrument is a spring-loaded tool that delivers low-force and high-speed thrusts. We’ll use it to adjust your misaligned vertebrae, elbows, knees, and wrists. 


Passive Therapies

Interferential Therapy


Increase the effectiveness of your chiropractic session by utilizing our inferential therapy technique beforehand. Our team can relax your tired, tense muscles through electrotherapy muscle stimulation. The electrotherapy is gentle and pain-free! 



When your pain is acute and you need relief fast, consider our ultrasound options. After chiropractic treatment, we’ll accelerate your healing process by "micro-massaging" the treated area with an ultrasound.

Pulsed Laser


Speed up your healing process through our pulsed laser technologies! The pulsed laser stimulates the mitochondria in your cells to decrease your healing time. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a pain-free life without much downtime.

Dry Needling


Clients with spine and joint problems often suffer from inflammation and muscle tension too. We provide relief from tight muscles and pain with dry needling services. Our chiropractors will insert a thin, flexible needle into your skin to target your connective tissue and muscle fibers. After we’re done, you may experience less pain and cramping.

Spinal Axial Decompression


This computer-assisted healing technique helps speed up the healing process for the lower back and neck. Patients with degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, or herniated discs might see relief from spinal axial decompression.

Active Physical Therapy


The key to preventing many spine and joint issues is to lead a healthy, active life. We encourage you to stretch and strengthen at home with our low-tech rehab devices. This way, our patients can take control of their own spinal health and recovery.